Smartner Guide

How are Smartner projects structured?

There are four basic components to a Smartner project:

The Overall Project

First, there is the overall project itself.  This is what you want to accomplish with your mentor - upholstering a chair, editing a video, cooking a sous vide meal, etc.  You will receive one bill from Smartner for all the time your mentor spends with you on a given project, unless otherwise agreed upon for very long engagements.

Sessions Within the Project

Second, there are sessions with your mentor that make up the project.  Many projects will only require one session, for example to learn how to repair wallboard.  Other projects may take two or more sessions with your mentor, spread over several days or a couple of weeks.  Some rare projects may even be spread out over longer periods of time.


Third, there may work you do on your own, based on guidance from your mentor.  This is all you!  Smartner doesn't try to track or charge for it, of course.

Out-of-Session Work

Finally, there may occasionally be work performed on your project by your mentor on their own, at your request, without you present (i.e. not in a session).  For example there may be some step you aren't quite ready to tackle or for which they need special equipment in their shop.  This work will be included in your project bill from Smartner, at the same rate as your session time, plus any materials charges your mentor may incur.

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