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What exactly is Smartner?

Your Smart partner

Smartner is a mentoring-facilitation service for DIYers, creators, hobbyists, crafters or anyone who has a challenging project to undertake but lack the skills to ensure success. Smartner is a new approach: half way between do-it-yourself and pay-to-get-it-done. We pair talented pros with passionate amateurs to create targeted, real-world learning experiences. 

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A pro in your project

Smartner helps you find the right mentor for your project and then chauffeurs you both through your mentoring session(s). You start by submitting a mentor request, then we match you with a mentor who has the necessary skills (mentors are background-checked and vetted). Next you and your mentor connect and plan the session. Then it’s time to get to work. Afterward, we check in to make sure everything went swimmingly. 


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Got a project and a desire to learn?

Smartner isn't about getting your Ikea stuff assembled or your car repaired for cheap. We’re not like Task Rabbit or Home Advisor where you hire someone to do the job for you. We're about levelling you up while working on the real thing. It’s for the projects that you choose to do, not the projects that choose you (like when your shower door breaks and fixing it is just another thing on your to-do list). Whether you want to build a deck, tune a bike, edit a video, make crepes or knit a hat, we’ll find the perfect mentor to help you quickly master new skills. If you've got a project and a passion, we're in. 

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