Smartner Guide

How much do I get paid, and when?

Smarter has three categories of rates:

Category 1
  • Deep expertise in complex and/or rare field

  • Extensive professional experience

  • Exceptional teaching capabilities


Category 2
  • Strong expertise in semi-complex field

  • Strong professional experience

  • Strong teaching capabilities


Category 3
  • Solid expertise

  • Solid professional or semi-pro experience

  • Solid teaching capabilities 


You and your Smartner specialist will work together to decide which category is the best fit for you.

For initial projects with a given mentee, you keep 80% of the hourly rate after taxes, Smartner keeps 16%, donates 1% and 3% goes to credit card processing fees.

For subsequent projects with the same mentee, you keep 93% of the hourly rate after taxes, Smartner keeps 3%, donates 1% and 3% goes to credit card processing.

If you work on a mentee's project on your own, outside of a session and without them present, Smartner will bill your time and materials for you, so the mentee only gets one invoice.  Time will be billed at the same category rates. We don't take a cut of this - you keep 97% after taxes and 3% goes to credit card processing. 

Smartner will bill mentees after the project is complete, unless otherwise agreed upon for very long projects.  Payment is due at time of invoicing.  Smartner will remit funds to you within 2 business days of receiving payment.

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